Dainese Shield Air Multisport Jacket Review

Motorcycle jacket system helps rescuersEven seasoned veterans who go off-roading on their bikes take a risk every time they leave the safety of paved roads. Fortunately, a new motorcycle jacket is offering riders a unique way of calling for help if they end up in trouble.

The Dainese Shield Air Multisport jacket contains all the features that off-road riders want in a jacket, including special armor inlays and elasticized mesh for easy riding. But it also boasts a feature that many other jackets don’t have – a special detection system for helping to locate injured riders.

It’s called the Recco Avalanche Rescue System, and it’s catching on in ski and snowmobile jackets while slowly making its way into apparel used in non-snow sports. The apparel contains special acoustic riders that reflect sound at a special frequency. Recco, the company behind the brand, has installed special detectors that are constantly beaming out the inaudible tones the country. When the jacket reflects the tone, a system can pick it up and pinpoint the location with stunning accuracy.

The system is mostly used in avalanche rescue scenarios, and most of the detectors are set up at ski resorts, with over 144 in the U.S. Still, the company is hoping to expand its detection system and could conceivably set one up on the fly if someone back home knew that the rider had the jacket on.

Despite advances in technology, riders should always head off-roading with a buddy, or at the very least tell someone where they’ll be.

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