Armour Bodies protects sports bikes on the track

Riders who are getting into racing will need to make a few modifications to their sport bike in order to be race-ready. Fortunately, there are a number of motorcycle accessories available to make the conversion complete. One add-on that some racers may want to consider is a set of racing plastics. Sport bikes that aren’t […]

Bridgestone once offered more than tires

Some riders look for the latest and greatest when selecting a motorcycle to purchase. Others like to recall the glory years of motorcycles by purchasing and restoring a vintage bike so it looks as good as new. These bikes are always a hit at motorcycle shows and serve as an important reminder of the industry’s […]

Tirade Bluetooth Helmet allows for communication on the go

Multiple states now have laws on the books that are designed to discourage drivers from using cell phones and texting while driving. Motorcyclists have never had that problem, as they obviously must keep two hands on the handlebars at most times. Yet there are a number of motorcycle helmets that come with Bluetooth integration that […]

Several companies looking to bring fashion to scooter riding

Most motorcycle apparel is based around leather, and while this means great protection for riders, it’s not always the fashion statement that some people want to make. While leather motorcycle jackets are embraced by the biker community, those who ride similar vehicles, like scooters, but don’t consider themselves “leatherheads” often have few options in terms […]

Honda to unveil VFR800X crossover at Milan motorcycle show

Crossovers are all the rage in the automotive market, so a number of motorcycle companies are looking to bring the concept to bikes as well. That’s the angle that Honda is taking with its upcoming VFR800X, a new bike aimed at riders who will be dealing with multiple terrain types. With the “X” in the […]