Shorai Battery – Help Your Bike Shed Some Pounds

You spend all kinds of money on weight-saving goodies for your motorcycle, then eat a giant breakfast burrito with extra cheese prior to your ride. A contradiction, perhaps. Well, order up a large side of home fries because we just saved you another four pounds, maybe more. It’s not a new diet plan. It’s the […]

Vemar Jiano Bluetooth™ Modular Street/Adventure Helmet

You ride a motorcycle to hide from your cell phone, right? Zip that phone into a jacket pocket or tank bag, and there’s no way you’ll hear it ring. That’s fine, but your riding buddy had to stop for gas quickly. A customer is trying to reach you. And the baby-sitter is calling because your […]

Every Day is Earth Day on a Motorcycle

As conservation takes center stage on Earth Day 2011, the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) notes the environmental benefits of commuting and traveling on a motorcycle. “Regardless of how you use your motorcycle or scooter — commuting to work, riding down the block, across town, traveling across the country — your choice to ride instead of […]

A123 to Supply Mavizen, TTXGP

The electric motorcycle scene is growing at a rapid pace, and there are even racing series now designed exclusively for electric bikes. While the technology is moving forward quickly, it may have just taken a giant leap forward. A123 Systems, a major manufacturer of lithium ion batteries, has announced that it will be supplying British […]

Motorcycle Fatalities Decline in 2010

Motorcycle fatalities declined 2 percent in 2010, giving riders hope that bike safety is improving after years of trouble. For eleven straight years, fatalities increased annually as local, state and federal governments attempted to curb the rate of motorcycle deaths and accidents. Then in 2009, there was a massive 16 percent decline in deaths. While […]