Motorcycle Brake Maintenance Guide

Motorcycle Brake Maintenance Guide

Ask any motorcyclist what they love best about their bike as opposed to a car, and most will say something that has to do with freedom. It’s true that there’s nothing quite like accelerating down the highway with nothing between you and the open air. Motorcycles rev up quickly and have a high top speed, […]

Simoncelli Re-Signs With Team San Carlo

Marco Simoncelli has re-signed for Team San Carlo Honda Gresini for the 2012 season, ensuring that the rider will remain with his current team for at least one more year. Simoncelli has been one of the more promising young racers in the MotoGP class, putting in a strong showing in just his second year. There […]

Hayden In Hot Water After Tweets

It seems that an athlete is getting into trouble for something that they post on Twitter nearly every week. By most standards, MotoGP rider Nicky Hayden’s tweets were rather harmless – but it still has him in a bit of hot water, reports Cycle News. Controversy has surrounded the upcoming race at Twin Ring Motegi […]

Got $550,000? You Could Race In World Supersport

The current reality of motorcycle racing is that some riders will need to bring their own support in the form of sponsorship to even get a seat on a major team. No longer is talent the sole deciding factor – you need to have the pedigree and financial backing to boot. That’s illustrated in the […]

Motorcycle Exhaust System Buyer’s Guide

The most common aftermarket upgrade in the motorcycle community is swapping out exhaust pipes. It might not seem like a radical change, but this small step can have a huge effect on just about every aspect of your bike. In the performance department, you can improve both acceleration and fuel economy with a new exhaust […]