Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area – Glamis Guide

Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area - Glamis Guide

Chaparral sells Glamis Permits!

How much are they?
Season Permits: $90
Weekly Permits: $25

Who needs a permit?
One permit is needed per primary vehicle. A primary vehicle is any street legal vehicle used for transportation to the recreation site. A permit is required at all times while in the fee area and may be required to exit the area.

How long do I have to purchase a permit?
The permit is required immediately upon arrival to the recreation area.

Where does it apply?
The entire Imperial Sand Dunes Recreational Area and its 1 mile planning boundary.

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Glamis Rules… and some good ideas.

    How to Stay Safe AND Legal At Glamis
  • Your OHV must be registered
    Cal and AZ are okay. From another state? You may need to buy a temporary CA permit
  • Pack out all your trash
  • All are required to have a whip mast
    with a red or orange flag
  • Be extra careful riding at night
  • 15 mph speed limit
    on sand highways (near Hwy 78, Gray Wells Road, Gecko Road)
  • No firewood with nails
    Including pallets, etc.
  • Permits are required
  • Never ride alone at Glamis
  • Noise Emission
    Offroad vehicles are limited to no more than 96 dbA if manufactured on or after 01/01/1986
  • No glass bottles
  • CA Vehicle Registration
    Offroad vehicles owned by CA residents must be registered with the CA DMV and display a valid Vehicle Identification Tag
  • Always wear a helmet and eye protection
  • Environmental Damage
    Tread lightly. Get a map and know what areas restrict the use of offroad vehicles

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