Honda Restarts Motorcycle Production In Thailand

Honda has been in trouble this year with regards to production, as it had to deal with the fallout from the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. Although the factory returned to its normal schedule in October, another crisis popped up when Thailand began experiencing heavy flooding. Honda only has a small number of factories in Thailand, […]

Evolve Debuts Production “Tron” Replica

Those who have seen the “Tron” series of films know that they feature one of the coolest motorcycle-related ideas ever put to film: lightcycles. The programs that live in the computer world of these movies race each other on these futuristic machines, and now a real working one can be yours for the price of […]

Toilet Bike Travels 600 Miles

Japanese manufacturer Toto has developed a new bike with perhaps the most unique motorcycle seat of all time – a toilet. Toto, which usually makes toilets, dipped its feet into the world of motorcycling with a three-wheeled creation that recently traveled for more than 600 miles across Japan – and didn’t use any gasoline or […]

Honda To Debut Electric Superbike At Tokyo Motor Show

Honda RC-E Concept Electric Motorcycle Honda looks like it will soon be entering the electric motorcycle market, as it plans to introduce a brand-new design at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. The new bike, dubbed the RC-E, is still in the concept stage, but appears to be well on its way to production. The model […]

Sir Hugh William Bell Cairns: A Key Figure In The History Of Motorcycle Helmets

When it comes to the adoption of motorcycle helmets, one of the central figures in their eventual widespread usage was Hugh William Bell Cairns, a surgeon from the United Kingdom, according to Investors’ Business Daily. T.E. Lawrence, also known as Lawrence of Arabia, had survived countless adventures around the world. But it was ultimately a […]