New Hellcat Motorcycle Draws On Aircraft Design

Many motorcyclists stick to the major manufacturers when it comes to their ride, but smaller companies can offer a more unique experience. That’s the case when it comes to heirloom motorcycle manufacturer Confederate Motors, which recently unveiled their brand new custom X132 Hellcat. The concept behind the high-end bike is the technology of a bike […]

Massachusetts Bikers Argue For The Economics Of No Helmet Laws

The battle over motorcycle helmets is popping up in just about every state in the country. In states that have no helmet laws, safety advocates are trying to get them passed. In states with laws already in place, bikers are trying to get them overturned. The latter is the case in Massachusetts, where motorcyclists are […]

Triumph Reports Impressive Sales Despite Weak Global Economy

Triumph has been producing motorcycles since 1902 that have both broken land-speed records and graced the silver screen in movies like The Matrix, Terminator 3 and Mission: Impossible 3. The British company’s tradition of excellence is further cemented by the most recent sales report, which shows that sales have increased substantially this year in spite […]

AMA Motocross Schedule Announced

MX Sports Pro Racing, the organizers of the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship, have announced the official schedule for next year’s competition, hitting many of the same tracks as this year’s season. In fact, all but one of the 12 races on the schedule will be a repeat of last year. Motocross fans are […]

Zero Motorcycles Sponsors Charity Golf Tournament

Zero Motorcycles is one of the leading electric motorcycle manufacturers on the market today, and their visibility seems to be increasing as interest in the technology grows more and more popular. Based in San Francisco, it was no surprise that the company was given a call when Bay Area legends Steve Young and Jerry Rice […]