Motorcycle Noise Levels Cannot Be Controlled Locally In New Hampshire

There are statewide laws in New Hampshire that prohibit motorcyclists from driving bikes that make noise above a certain level, but some towns have attempted to make these restrictions even tighter. The state limits the volume a bike can reach to 106 decibels, but when the town of North Hampton attempted to pare this level […]

Schwantz School Will Allow All Bikes

The Schwantz School is one of the more famous motorcycle racing schools in the country, and riders come from all across the country to learn from Kevin Schwantz and his crew. This year, the school is moving from Barber Motorsports Park to Road Atlanta, and attendees will also have the option to bring their own […]

New Hampshire Senator Condemns Federal Interference In Helmet Laws

Federal legislators are still debating the Motor Vehicle and Highway Safety Improvement Act of 2011, which could have big repercussions for motorcycle riders. While the issue of motorcycle helmet laws has been left up to the states in the past, several versions of the bill have included an amendment that would indirectly force states to […]

MotoGP Approves New CRTs, Institutes Rule Changes

A recent meeting of the Grand Prix Commission, which decides rules and regulations for MotoGP, resulted in the approval of nine new Claiming Rule Teams (CRTs) for next year, bringing the total number of MotoGP entries up to 21. CRTs are a new feature of MotoGP and will make their debut in 2012. Essentially, these […]

Double The Fun At This Year’s “Red Bull: New Year”

“Red Bull: New Year. No Limits” has been one of the more entertaining pieces of New Year’s Eve programming since the program’s inception in 2007, when Robbie Maddison jumped his motorcycle over a football field in Las Vegas. The stunts have gotten crazier in each subsequent year, but the series had a hiccup last year […]