Safety Tips For Motocross Riders

Motocross is a fun sport that is attractive to many thrill seekers. While part of the excitement might be racing at top speeds and going over large jumps, participants in motocross also need to take safety precautions to avoid accidents. Yahoo News recently listed some tips to prevent injuries for those planning on hitting the […]

Motorcycle Pays Homage To Flight 93, Sells For $50,000

A motorcycle that paid tribute to the passengers and crew who died on United Flight 93 in 2001 recently sold at an auction and brought in a hefty sum – $50,000. The Barrettt-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, Arizona, was broadcast on national television, according to The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. The bike was donated by Georgia businessman Bob […]

Casey Stoner Speaks About Sepang Injury

Defending champion Casey Stoner shed some light on his back injury and why he had to leave the test in Sepang on the first day of testing. The Australian rider hurt his back while stretching between runs at the track in Malaysia, where all MotoGP riders are testing their new 1000cc bikes ahead of the […]

Motorcycle Riders Raise $4.5 Million For Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

All across the country, motorcycle riders organized “Rides for Kids,” which were large charity gatherings that raised money for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation (PBTF). The charity recently announced that thanks to motorcyclists’ generosity, $4.5 million was raised in the name brain tumor research and support for families. The main sponsor of the events was […]

Josh Hayes And Josh Herrin To Help Out With Upcoming Yamaha Champions Riding School

The Yamaha Champions Riding School takes eager motorcycle riders from around the country and helps them hone their skills on some of the top tracks with experienced racers and instructors. The motorsports hopefuls who plan on attending the session from February 5th-6th, however, just got an added bonus: they’ll be sharing the track with Josh […]