Motorsports Returning To Sydney In 2013

Motorsports Returning To Sydney In 2013
Two-wheel sports will be returning to Australia in 2013, with the all new Sydney Motorsports Park set to host the FX-Superbike 500 on November 16 of next year.

According to Fox Sports, the race will be fashioned in a similar style to the Le Mans 24 Hour. The endurance race will kick off at a mid-day start time and finish under the lights at night. These difficult settings will require racers to make decisions about things like motorcycle accessories and gear, which could affect times in the changing condition.

The event should also help to raise the profile of racing in the Land Down Under.

“Australian motorcycle racing has a very proud history of having its own big name icon motorcycle race meetings like the Bathurst Bike Races that were run Easter weekends for many decades,” Australian Road & Track Rider Promotions managing director Terry O’Neill told the news provider. “Unfortunately race fans have been without their own icon race meeting for a generation.”

Open to just 50 riders, the event will also have a $100,000 prize for the winner, making it one of the most lucrative superbike races in the world. Road Racing World reports the course has many challenging parts, including tight corners, so riders will need to be prepared.

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  1. Thank you for attempting to put up the story of the $100,000 winner takes all FX-Superbike race at Eastern Creek Raceway on November 2013. Only a opulent of small mistakes, the promoter is not Yarrive Konsky (IEG) it's actually ARTRP the promoters of the Australian FX-Superbike Championship which has been running continuously as part of its series at EC for years.
    For those who would like to find out more about the 500 km big race with the $100,000 winner takes all prize please visit our website http://www.aus-super


  2. Now thats research!

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  4. …just a minor detail!

  5. Hopefully this means Yarrive is going to pay the $100,000 in prizemoney. …lol

  6. Did there research well.. Ha

  7. Terry you are a generous man setting up this event for Yarrive…

  8. When did "motorsports" leave? Great journalism.

  9. Brett Kitchin says:

    Awesome. A literary masterpiece. Back to school to redo the first semester in journalism me thinks.

  10. Where did he get the name FX from? I think it's catchy.

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