Brutus Motorcycle Merges Bikes With ATVs

Brutus Motorcycle Merges Bikes With ATVs

A new motorcycle scheduled to hit the market in 2013 merges the classic style of motorbikes with ATVs.

A new motorcycle scheduled to hit the market in 2013 merges the classic style of motorbikes with ATVs. The bike, known as the Brutus, was designed by Alessandro Tartarini and will eventually be sold under the brand OVER, CMG Online reports.

Brutus debuted at the EICMA Show in Italy, where crowds got the first glimpse of the all-terrain hybrid. Featuring a 750cc engine with an output of 45 horsepower, the bike is mounted on Maxxis Bighorn tires from a  ATV, AutoBlog reports. While it may not be designed for high speeds, it was put together to create a smooth riding experience, whether it be through mud, sand or the open road.

The all-terrain bike will also have a unique feature that allows drivers to take off its signature tires and replace them with a snowmobile drive kit. According to Student News IE, the kit includes ski pads for the front and rear for optimum transport over ice, snow and slush. Other options for motorcycle accessories include a sidecar, generator and winch set, and a tow bar.

While Brutus is currently a concept bike, the market version is scheduled to be released next spring. If all goes well, motorcycle enthusiasts may soon have another unique bike to add to their collection.

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