New Helmets Available For Street Riding Or Cruising

Fly Racing New Street Helmets

Fans of Fly Racing now have two more helmets to choose from – the Tourist Open Face Helmet and .357 Half Helmet.

Having the right street bike helmet is a necessity for any rider. Fans of Fly Racing products now have two more designs to choose from when selecting their motorcycle helmets, as the Tourist Open Face Helmet and .357 Half Helmet are currently available to riders. Both helmets come in variety of sizes, colors, and graphics.

The Tourist Open Face Helmet is a piece of street bike gear designed to protect people during their riding adventures. Each unit comes with a clear shield to give riders a wide view of their surroundings, as well as a removable clip-in jaw piece that can be used to protect the chin. This Department of Transportation-approved device also boasts a fleece lining and inner liners that wick away moisture to keep drivers dry and comfortable while on the road.

Versatility is the key to the Tourist, as it is packed full of features and accessories making it an excellent choice no matter what the season. Whether you want to ride with the chin jaw in place or without the face shield entirely, this helmet has got you covered. In addition to the installed clear shield, an extra dark tint shield is included – as well as a peak for use without the shields or removable jaw.

Fly Racing Tourist Cirrus Half Helmet

Whether you want to ride with the chin jaw in place or without the face shield entirely, this helmet has got you covered.

If general cruising is more your style, then you might be drawn to the .357 Half Helmet, which features a retractable tinted sun shield, removable liner and a small shell that will protect the head without getting in the way. The black base of the device can be accented with flame designs in gray, orange, pink or purple, but even the most basic model of the .357 is prepared to keep the head safe.

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