2013 AMA Supercross Salt Lake City Results

Ryan Dungey 2013 AMA Supercross Salt Lake City - 3rd Place

Ryan Villopoto Wins Supercross Race And Championship In Utah “We started the season off really rough and had a lot of stepping stones to overcome, but we did it as a team and we did it well.” – Ryan Villopoto Although there’s one more week remaining in the 2013 AMA Supercross season, Ryan Villopoto has […]

Motorcycle Sales Drop, But Harley-Davidson Revenue Is Up

Cruisers Parked Under Trees

There’s good and bad news for Harley-Davidson. Although sales of motorcycles themselves fell by about 9.1 percent, overall revenue for the brand was up 15.9 percent. More efficient manufacturing, shipping and overall ways of operating contributed to Harley-Davidson’s ability to increase profit even in a tumultuous economic time. “With our focus on continuous improvement throughout our […]

AMA Focused On Stopping Distracted Driving

AMA Focused On Stopping Distracted Driving

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and the American Motorcyclist Association is doing its part to promote safer practices among motorcyclists. Some measures, such as eliminating phone use when driving a car or riding a motorcycle, are positive first steps, but motorists need to commit to other good habits as well. Imposing penalties for people […]

Honda Motorcycle Sales Hit A High Note

Honda Motorcycle Sales Hit A High Note

Every rider is drawn to his or her own style of motorcycle, and judging by the numbers, people are increasingly becoming attracted to Honda bikes. The company’s fiscal year, which ended March 31, had  some positive news for the motorcycle manufacturer, as more than 15.5 million machines were sold in the time frame. That impressive number was a […]

AMA Freedom Friday – Distracted Driving

AMA Logo

Distracted driving is the theme of American Motorcyclist Association’s Freedom Friday, April 26 Distracted driving is the focus of the American Motorcyclist Association’s “Freedom Friday” on April 26. Injuries to motorcyclists resulting from drivers who are distracted and/or inattentive continue to be a major issue for the AMA and its members. In particular, the AMA […]