Three Essential Pieces Of Motorcycle Gear

Riding a motorcycle comes with certain levels of risk. A simple pothole can spell disaster for a rider. That’s why it’s important to have the right riding gear. It could mean all the difference in not only keeping a rider safe in the event of a crash, but likely help them avoid it altogether.

With that being said, there are some pieces of gear a rider should always wear. Here are the three most important:

Speed And Strength SS1600 Cruise Missle Full Face Helmet1) Helmet

First and foremost is the helmet. While its primary function is to keep a rider’s head safe in the event of an accident, today’s helmets do so much more than that. Including things like ventilation or even Bluetooth connectivity, these helmets keep riders will stay safe on the road and without having to worry about overheating or answering their cell phone.


Biltwell Gauntlet Leather Gloves2) Gloves

A rider’s hands will likely be more susceptible to injury during a fall, as they are used to try and break a fall. This can lead to significant damage and should be avoided at all costs. The easiest way to protect the hands, fingers, palms and knuckles is with a good set of gloves.


Speed And Strength Full Battle Rattle Vented Leather Jacket3) Jacket

In addition to a helmet and pair of gloves, riders will also need a quality biker jacket. If a rider has ever fallen before, he or she knows how unforgiving the pavement is. That’s where a good jacket comes in. Leather is the ideal choice to for riders in lessening the blow from a fall, as it will protect the upper body from being scraped. And while there is a wide array of choices on the market, riders will be able to customize their jacket to their specific needs. Whether they need a lightweight jacket for the summer or a heavy-duty one for an upcoming road trip, there are plenty of options available.

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