ATV owners must take course before riding California deserts

ATV owners know that the machines allow a sense of freedom that many motorbikes cannot match, and in a state like California, there are many areas that are just begging for ATV exploration. But before riders start revving their engines, they should seriously consider the safety issues at play on ATVs. Riding these bikes can […]

Windscreens to customize the Ninja 650R

When riders are looking for comfort, the first motorcycle accessories they tend to turn to are customized seats. While these can definitely be useful, one often neglected aspect of the bike that will greatly improve a rider’s comfort is the windscreen. Zero Gravity recently released a set of three new windscreens designed to customize the […]

Telemetry device tracks riders

Top racers have professional teams who use various methods to track their every move on the racetrack. Every variable and aspect of a rider’s form and the bike’s performance is analyzed, with the goal of making riders better on the track. Cobra Motorcycles and Athena Evolution are hoping to bring that same technology to the […]

Americans dominate Australian Supercross

The races may be taking place in Australia, but its the American riders who have been finding success in Australia’s Super X series. With the winter months approaching, many riders take the opportunity to compete in events in warmer climates, and the Super X is a prime example. At the most recent race, the third […]

Triumph’s new Thunderbird

The Triumph Thunderbird is one of the most popular cruiser motorcycle models on the market. The company recently announced that it would be releasing a new version of the bike for the 2011 model year. The new Thunderbird Storm boasts a bigger, bored-out engine. Specifically, this bike is packing a liquid-cooled 1699cc parallel twin engine, […]