Bike enthusiasts attend the Midwest’s largest motorcycle meet

The Suburban Collection Showplace in Michigan will hold The Giant Motorcycle Swap Meet, which will display the Midwest’s largest collection of bikes, on February 11 from 11 AM to 4 PM. Thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts will attend the show to purchase, sell and swap bikes, parts, accessories and stories, according to My Fox Detroit. Almost […]

Fans can now purchase AMA Motocross tickets

MX Sports Pro Racing recently announced that tickets for the 2011 Lucas Oil American Motorcyclists Association Pro Motocross Series are now available. Individuals who take advantage of the early bird promotion, by purchasing tickets before the event, may receive discounts. The AMA Pro Motocross series will start in Sacramento, California on Saturday, May 21, and […]

Mecum Auctions expands to bikes

Mecum Auctions, perhaps best known among motor enthusiasts as the organizer of classic car auctions, has announced that it will be expanding into motorcycles with a new bike division dedicated to rare and unique models. The new venture will be headed by AMA Hall of Fame member Gavin Trippe, who worked as a racing promoter […]

Bike Week considering vendor ban

Daytona Bike Week is one of the largest bike shows of the year, and as such draws quite the crowd once the motorcycles start rolling into town. Many take advantage of this fact by setting up temporary vendor stalls on the day of the show, selling everything from fried food to motorcycle apparel. But if […]

Kansas bikers seek red light exemption

Motorcyclists in Kansas are seeking to enact a new law that would allow them to ride through “dead red” lights, or red lights that don’t turn green, after a reasonable amount of time waited. Many bikes don’t have the required mass to trigger the sensors underneath the pavement that cause lights to change, the Wichita […]