Arctic Drystar Gloves keep riders warm year-round

As the temperature drops, many riders put their bikes away and switch to a car or truck that can handle wintry conditions. Others simply adapt their riding style so that they can continue to use their motorcycle year-round. If a biker is planning on doing this, they’ll need the proper motorcycle gear. There are many […]

Custom headphones for the serious rider

For some bikers, a ride isn’t complete without a killer soundtrack accompanying every twist and turn. Yet cheaply-made iPod earbuds don’t really get the job done over road noise and the roar of an engine. Those who are serious about their music will likely need a better option in terms of headphones. The JH-5M Custom […]

Bikers across the country team up with Toys for Tots

Some motorcycle clubs have gotten a bad rap over the years, but many are filled with generous individuals who take time out to help charity. That’s especially true during the holiday season, when riders across the country contribute to programs like Toys for Tots. In states like Kansas, Kentucky and North Carolina, bikers have been […]

Honda assembles “legends” team

Honda is betting on experience topping youth for next year’s World Endurance Championships (WEC), as the Japanese manufacturer has assembled a team of “legends” to compete in the series. John McGuinness, Keith Amor and Steve Plater will all race for the new “Honda TT Legends” team. All three riders have years of experience in long […]

Hayden awarded for promoting rider safety

Professional motorsports racer Nicky Hayden has been honored with an award for his involvement with a safety and awareness campaign in Indiana. The Indiana Criminal Justice Institute (ICJI) presented Hayden with the Executive Director’s Award after the racer became involved with a promotional campaign designed to increase rider safety throughout the state. Although known as […]