Blake Young finishes test at Chuckwalla

Blake Young of Rockstar Makita Suzuiki and teammate Tommy Hayden had a one-day test at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway last week. After spending time there, they recently returned for a two day test. However, intense winds prevented them from continuing on the second day, according to Cycle News. Despite the setback, the test proved to be […]

Motorcyclists await decision on bike show checkpoints

Those who have traveled to bike shows on their motorcycles, particularly in the state of New York, may have run into the state’s “motorcycle only” checkpoints, ostensibly designed to catch stolen bikes and illegal modifications, on the roads leading up to the show. The State of New York has instituted these checkpoints at many popular […]

Zero to debut bikes at Dealer Expo

Electric bike manufacturer Zero Motorcycles has already made waves with its announcement of a complete overhaul for its 2011 lineup, so the next step is getting dealers on board to ensure that the bikes will be widely available in motorcycle stores across the country. In concurrence with that goal, the company will be heading to […]

Off Road Support Adds Two New Members

Jacob Argubright and his Off Road Support team have announced that they will be adding two new members to their stable for the upcoming 2011 AMA/Kendra National Hare and Hound Series. Described as “two of the fastest stroke pilots in the desert” by Argubright, the new team will feature female champ Sarah Kritsch and veteran […]

Jagged X Wins King of the Hammers with Nearly-Stock RANGER RZR XP 900

After three years of racing “King of the Hammers”, the Jagged X team won the side-by-side class with the new and nearly-stock RANGER RZR XP 900! Since its original debut in 2008, the “King of the Hammers” race has been deemed the toughest off-road race in the world. The course is a 42-mile combination of […]