Justin Barcia places first in Lites class final

Justin Barcia claimed first place at the AMA Supercross Lites race in Houston, beating out Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Dan Wilson and Blake Baggett. Barcia was full of excitement after defeating Wilson in the 15 laps of the Lites final. The competitors were neck and neck for most of the race, but Barcia managed to […]

Alpinestars’ new Tech 8 boots

The Tech 8 boot, created by Alpinestar, is made from full grain leather that is stitched to the soles and has metal sole tips and heel caps. These motorbike boots are CE-certified and have several modern features such as polyurethane on the shins, sides and ankles. This allows the boot to be stronger against impact […]

Oregon looks to repeal helmet law

An Oregon lawmaker has introduced a bill that would scale back the state’s mandatory motorcycle helmet requirement, a move that has become increasingly popular in recent years. According to the Governor Highway Safety Association, 29 states that previously had mandatory helmet laws have since repealed them. Oregon is currently one of 20 states that require […]

Are LED headlights worth the price?

The rise of LED lighting as a viable technology has introduced a new dilemma to consumers – whether or not to upgrade to the brighter, but more expensive, bulbs. Everything from cars to television sets now offers some type of LED-backed technology, but upgrading typically requires a bit of an investment. According to AllAboutBikes, LED […]

BPG Uno can “transform” from scooter to bike

A Cambridge, Massachusetts, company has unveiled a new vehicle that may just be the world’s first actual “transformer.” The BPG Uno starts out as an awkward-looking scooter, with the rider hanging on much like a Segway. In this mode, the vehicle uses two wheels to power forward and can be ridden on sidewalks or in […]