New 2011 models for Husqvarna

Husqvarna has unveiled its 2011 lineup of motorcycles, featuring a number of changes to existing models and two new bikes that racing fans are sure to be interested in. The two new bikes for Husqvarna are the SMR449 and SMR511, which the company describes as “supermoto” models. Supermoto combines motocross and road racing into one […]

Ben Bostrom to team up with Michael Jordan

In a surprise move, Ben Bostrom has announced that he will be leaving Pat Clark Motorsports after one year to sign with Michael Jordon Motorsports, the racing team owned by NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan. Previously, it was announced that Bostrom’s brother Eric would be joining the Pat Clark team, raising expectations that the […]

Honda’s concept bridges gap between scooter and bike

The motorcycle and scooter riding communities are typically thought of as separate entities, but Honda is looking to bridge the gap between the two with a new concept vehicle that combines the high-performance of a motorbike with the convenience of a scooter. The Japanese automaker unveiled the New Mid Concept at the EICMA show in […]

California Scooter Company aiming for land speed record

The California Scooter Company, which manufactures a number of motorized products, has announced that it has designed a bike that will compete for the first ever 150cc land speed record in Southern California. The company mainly focuses on bikes and scooters with smaller engines, but believes that many riders aren’t aware of what these vehicles […]

Triumph goes adventuring with two new Tigers

The adventure touring segment is growing rapidly, with more manufacturers getting in on the fun every model year. This year, Triumph will be entering the market with its first line of adventure bikes, the Tiger 800 and 800XC. The Tiger 800 is a standard bike that’s aimed at touring enthusiasts who will mostly be sticking […]