Tirade Bluetooth Helmet allows for communication on the go

Multiple states now have laws on the books that are designed to discourage drivers from using cell phones and texting while driving. Motorcyclists have never had that problem, as they obviously must keep two hands on the handlebars at most times. Yet there are a number of motorcycle helmets that come with Bluetooth integration that […]

Several companies looking to bring fashion to scooter riding

Most motorcycle apparel is based around leather, and while this means great protection for riders, it’s not always the fashion statement that some people want to make. While leather motorcycle jackets are embraced by the biker community, those who ride similar vehicles, like scooters, but don’t consider themselves “leatherheads” often have few options in terms […]

Honda to unveil VFR800X crossover at Milan motorcycle show

Crossovers are all the rage in the automotive market, so a number of motorcycle companies are looking to bring the concept to bikes as well. That’s the angle that Honda is taking with its upcoming VFR800X, a new bike aimed at riders who will be dealing with multiple terrain types. With the “X” in the […]

Aprilia Mana 850 makes commuting a breeze

Some riders prefer bikes that are built for speed and performance, while others simply love the convenience that riding a motorcycle offers. For commuters who want a bike that will perform well in traffic – or riders looking to make the transition from scooter to motorcycle – the Aprilia Mana 850 could be the answer. […]

Brammo’s new electric Enertia Plus doubles previous model’s range

Brammo has announced a new electric motorcycle, the company’s fifth model thus far. The new Enertia Plus features a range of 80 miles on a single charge and a top speed of over 60 miles per hour. It also comes with an on-board charging station that allows a driver to use any wall socket as […]