From the streets of Philadelphia to the top of the drag racing scene

For drag racing legend Rickey Gadson, the high-speed life is the only one he’s ever known – but these days he’s slowing down just a bit. According to the Philadelphia Daily News, Gadson’s passion for racing wasn’t born on the tracks, but on the streets of Southwest Philadelphia. Fueled by two parents who both owned […]

Dirt Bike Motocross Goggle Buyers Guide

Goggles have the important task of protecting your eyes from dust, rocks and other flying trail-riding debris, like roost, bugs branches, you name it, its coming at-cha. Goggles can cost between $20-100. Depending on its function and fashion, it’s important to weigh your needs verses your budget to make the right selection.  This motorcycle goggle […]

Hayes takes SuperBike race in New Jersey

Josh Hayes kept his perfect streak alive at New Jersey Motorsports Park as he got the win in the AMA Pro National Guard Championship SuperBike race over the weekend. Hayes held off Tommy Hayden to extend his lead in the points standings to 22. Hayden currently sits in second place, but with two races left […]

Iran’s female motocross champion

In a country where women are largely excluded from sporting events, one female rider hopes to introduce motorsports to those interested. Nora Naraghi has been riding since she was four, when her father, an avid motorcycle enthusiast, first put her on a bike. “He started a 50cc Montesa for me, put me on the bike, […]

Electric motorcycle team sets landspeed record

A racing team has set the landspeed record for an electric motorcycle at the famous Bonneville Salt Flats. Lightning Motorcycles, which competes in the Time Trial Xtreme Grand Prix (TTXGP) built a machine that hit 176 miles-per-hour at one point. Because the official record requires an average over time, the officially clocked time was 173 […]